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3 Trimesters, Symptoms, Complication & Management of Pregnancy



3 Trimesters & Symptoms of pregnancy

3 Trimesters, Symptoms, Complication & Management of Pregnancy is one of the physiological conditions which every woman faces during her reproductive age.

The pregnancy period is also known as the gestation period it occurs when an ovum is fertilizing by sperm and that fertilize ovum gets implanted in the uterus after sexual intercourse.

Successful implantation of this fertilized ovum can continue in pregnancy and a normal pregnancy ends by 40 weeks from the last menstruation.

The following are the full details of 3 Trimesters, Symptoms, Complication & Management of Pregnancy

Trimester of Pregnancy

It consists of 3 trimesters and each trimester include 3 months of period (3 Trimesters, Symptoms, Complication & Management of Pregnancy)


It includes the first 12 weeks after the last menstrual period. This is the faster growing period for a developing fetus.

During this period fetus development with their brain, spinal cord, and other organs and heartbeat also begin with the first trimester only.

During this period mother’s respiration also increases and the womb will grow up to the size of a lemon by 2 months.

Many symptoms like uneasiness, discomfort, nausea, vomiting, tenderness fell by the maternal side during this period.


it covers from week 13 up to week 28. Ultrasonography for the checking of any developmental abnormality is done during this period.

The sex of the baby can also determine during this period.

Mother feels more energetic and fresher during the second trimester and the movement of a baby knows as quickening starts to felt by the 4th month.

And the symptoms of the first trimester generally go away in the second trimester.

A visible baby bump can be seen during this period in an upright position.


The third trimester includes week 29 up to week 40.

During this period highest weight gain occurs of all trimester. After the 5th-month baby can feel sensation, can hear a voice, feel light, touch, can listen to music, can open and close the eyes.

Abdomen gets enlarged with a fully developed baby it drops into a downwards position for ready to birth.

Before a week of delivery, the mother may feel pelvic discomforts. Head gets fixed in the pelvic for the birth process.

During the third trimester position of maternal sleep can affect fetal growth by compressing vena cava.

This can be relieved by sleeping on the left side.

Symptoms of Pregnancy

Following are the Symptoms of 3 Trimesters, Symptoms, Complication & Management of Pregnancy

Morning sickness
Back pain
Increase urine frequency
Urinary tract infection
Nausea and vomiting
Swelling of lower limbs
Tenderness in breast

Complication of Pregnancy

Following are the Complication of 3 Trimesters, Symptoms, Complication & Management of Pregnancy

Gestation diabetes
Hyperemesis gravida
Placenta previa
Multiple pregnancies
Ectopic pregnancy
Varicose vein
Pelvic girdle pain
Vertically transmitted infection
Intrauterine bleeding

Management of Pregnancy

3 Trimesters, Symptoms, Complication & Management of Pregnancy is important.

Mainly have to manage the symptom and take care of the complication.

Nausea and vomiting which are found in the early-stage can be cover by antihistamines medicine, vitamin B6 supplements, vitamin B12, ginger, and acupressure point.

Constipation cover by a fiber-rich diet, laxatives, normal exercise.

Vaginal discharge which is commonly associated with the pregnancy that can use topical antifungal, or oral antifungal treatment.

For heartburn use antacids and lifestyle modification in diet especially.

The varicose vein may found in some ladies but it not causes any harm and should do proper rest and normal exercise for that and for backache also.

Women should take proper calcium, protein, vitamin supplements for the normal growth of the fetus.

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