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3 Layer of Skin Structure & Basic of Skin Care Analysis



3 Layer of Skin Structure

3 Layer of Skin Structure & Basic of Skin Care Analysis, Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is said that it reflects all internal function directly or indirectly. it is durable elastic and wrap an adult human body in 20 square feet of tissues.

It forms covering for the whole body and make difference between internal organs and outer atmosphere. Skin continues with a mucous membrane around the anus, urogenital organs, mouth, a nose too.

3 layer of skin structure

3 layer of skin structure

The skin thickness varies in different parts of the body like thinnest skin in under eye(0.3mm) and the thickest skin in the scalp(3mm).

This thickness depends on layers of skin especially on the subcutaneous layer which mainly consists of fats. In adult skin forms about 5% of total body weight. The skin has numerous furrows, depression & folds.

3 layer of skin structure

3 layer of skin structure

This folds and furrows of skin are different in every individual and not even identical twin has the same structure of this furrow and folds. The skin has barely noticeable pores for sebaceous and sweats secretion.

skin structure

Skin also contains hair follicles.

Healthy skin looks moist, soft, flexible and has slightly acidic PH (5.5 to 5.6)

Following are the 3 Layer of Skin Structure & Basic of Skin Care Analysis


Let see, Discuss one by one 3 Layer of Skin Structure & Basic of Skin Care Analysis


Number one is the epidermis layer out of 3 Layer of Skin Structure & Basic of Skin Care Analysis.

It is an outer layer of skin made up of stratified epithelial tissue which is continuously undergoing the process of keratinization.



This layer is devoid of blood supply and gets all nutrient supply through flowing lymph in the intracellular space.

This layer ( 3 Layer of Skin Structure & Basic of Skin Care Analysis ) is again divided into 5 layers and from above to downwards they are as follow:

#1: Stratum Corneum
#2: Stratum Lucidum
#3: Stratum Granulosum
#4: Stratum Spinosum
#5: Stratum Germinativum

3 Layer of Skin Structure & Basic of Skin Care Analysis Epidermis layer

#1: Stratum Corneum

It is the outermost layer of skin also known as the horny layer. The cells of this layer are elongated and the nucleus is missing and completely keratinized & layer is completely dry and almost dead and has poor content of water in spite of that rich deposits of sulphur, fats and polysaccharides.
Get shade of continuously with washing and being rubbed off and gets replace at every 3-5 days.

#2: Stratum Lucidum

This is the second layer of epidermis present just under the corneum. it contains elongated cells and special protein substance which has power to refract light this possible because of eleidin, glycogen and oleic acid which make skin shiny, colourless, and impermeable for water and chemicals.

skin layer

skin layer

#3: Stratum Granulosum

They contain one or two raws of elongated cells and on palm and soles, there maybe 2 to 4 layers of the cells. The nuclei of these cells gradually become smaller and look like small granule and the process of keratinization starts from this layer which grows upwards toward the corneum.

#4: Stratum Spinosum

the layer consists of 5 to 10 row of cuboid cells which gradually start flattening as they grow towards Granulosum. These cells contain a nucleus in addition it also contains special cells Langan’s cells which responsible for skin immunity.

#5: Stratum Germinativum

It is also known as stratum Basale which is the innermost layer of epidermis it rests directly next to the dermis. it consists of columnar cells and nuclei. It also contains few branches of dendritic cells and these dendritic cells are also known as melanocytes and responsible for the formation of melanin which is responsible for skin colour. The columnar cells are divided by mitosis to form upper layers of skin.


The dermis is also known as true skin which is mostly composed of a fibrous substance called collagen and elastin which are bound together by an interstitial substance.

3 Layer of Skin Structure & Basic of Skin Care Analysis, the second layer is the dermis.

These fibres are thin in the papillary layer and thick in the reticular layer.



The reticular layer also contains lots of yellow elastin fibre which not only give skin elasticity but also strength.

As the age advances, this fibre gets atrophy and cause the skin to sag responsible for fine lines.

Dermis again divided into 2 layers from above to down this are as follow:
#1: Papillary Layer
#2: Reticular layer


#1:Papillary Layer

This is the very first layer to the dermis, consists of the cone-shaped projection of elastin tissue project towards epidermis known as papilla.

This papilla contains capillaries and nerve fibre endings called tactile corpuscles.

This tactile corpuscle was responsible for a different type of sensations.

Some amount of melanin is also present in this layer. yellow elastin fibre in this layer gives skin elasticity and thickness.

#2: Papillary Layer

This layer contains a thick layer of yellow elastin fibre and white fibrous tissue which varies in number in a different part of the body.

Other than that, it also contains lymphocytes, blood vessels, sweat gland, sebaceous gland, hair follicle, erector Pilli muscle and nerve fibres.


This layer consists mainly of fats and adipose tissue.

It varies from person to person according to their constitution as well as age, sex, general health of the individual. The thickness of adipose tissue varies in a different part of the body.



The fat is work as a reserve source of energy. This layer shrinks as we grow older and unable to support the skin gives rise to wrinkles.

Fat is a poor conductor of heat and helps to reduce heat loss through the skin and keep the body warm.

If you have any query regards 3 Layer of Skin Structure & Basic of Skin Care Analysis must be comment!

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How To Remove Skin Tags On Your Face



Skin Tags

Would you be able to get skin labels all over, is a straightforward inquiry to which there is a basic answer. Indeed!

Yet, on the off chance that you discover one that is very long, or that one is beginning to create, would it be a good idea for you to be concerned? No. Unwind!

The appropriate response is quite often, no! Without a doubt, seldom undoubtedly is there a more profound issue. Skin labels are small developments of skin ordinarily found on the face, hands or feet. The labels by and large hang off the skin by a flimsy interfacing tail. You no uncertainty despise having that thing, yet skin labels are not ordinarily a danger to your wellbeing. Peruse on to discover more.

Facial labels might be irritating, and all the more so on the face as they are probably going to be seen by those that you meet, however there is no compelling reason to freeze. The immediate reason for facial them is a development of substance, which is otherwise called a “kindhearted tumor”.

Notwithstanding, a great many people don’t know about this issue and thus don’t think about the fundamental causes with the outcome that they don’t care for themselves as they ought to. Most dermatologists state that keeping yourself sound through a fair eating regimen is the most ideal approach to evade them.

Eliminating Skin Tags Including from Your Face

On the off chance that you need to eliminate a skin tag at home, follow these straightforward rules. The cycle is basic and safe.

Here Is How to Remove a Facial Skin Tag Without Harm

A “tag” on the face is fundamentally innocuous. They are possibly framed when the skin folds and the development is outwards. The most exceedingly awful thing about them however is obviously that they can so effectively be seen on the face. Not many individuals will see them when, as they frequently do, they show up on underarms, armpits, your back, or your chest, let alone on the crotch territory!

Nonetheless, you can’t simply get your tag and eliminate it without the help of a specialist. In the event that the face skin tag becomes tainted, at that point you may need to go for a medical procedure. The choice to eliminate a skin tag ought not be taken in a rush. On the off chance that you eliminate it in flurry, you may cause perpetual scarring. Additionally, you truly should wash your hands appropriately before you actually endeavor to eliminate a tag.

More on How to Remove a Skin Tag on Your Face

There are numerous approaches to eliminate a tag. The primary way, and the most widely recognized way, is to utilize a string around its base. We do suggest that in that manner you eliminate it by removing its blood supply. A string is pulled around the skin tag till it emerges from the skin. When the inventory of blood stops, it tumbles off very quickly.

You ought not utilize any sharp item to pull the string. On the off chance that you do as such, there is a high possibility of making disease the skin tag.

The subsequent route is to utilize an aloe vera plant. Simply take the leaf from the plant and bind it to the tag with a string. Ensure that you don’t leave any additional string. At the point when you fix the string, the aloe vera is known to go into the circulation system in it and lessen the tag. This strategy is supposed to be as powerful as the first technique in quite a while of adequacy.

You ought to recollect too that you ought not utilize any sharp item to eliminate a facial tag. Nor should you handle it with your finger nail. Some state that they cautiously pull the skin tag with a fingernail to eliminate it, or utilize a couple of cutters or trimmers. Utilizing isn’t fitting, as a couple of cutters or trimmers is too fierce an activity. We state that particularly for a facial tag, it might remove leaving a little scar when it mends.

They express that there is no compelling reason to stress over the torment as it is very gentle. In any case, that is not the point. We have almost certainly that the injury will generally recuperate in the proper method of time without anyone else. Possibly on certain pieces of the body a minuscule scar would not concern you. In any case, as far as we might be concerned, we would not hazard it all over. A dermatologist is the best master to help you eliminate them.

It is likewise informed that you take great consideration regarding your facial skin labels or they may drain on the off chance that they rub against garments and so on You should attempt to ensure that they don’t contact your garments. Allowing garments to rub them may cause them to drain and you may make a more concerning issue.

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Benefits of Good Skin Care Merchandise



Skin Products

There is no restriction to the considerable rundown of healthy skin items that you could discover on the web. There are numerous such items that are accessible online just as disconnected. In any case, it is exceptionally significant for you to settle on the correct sort of decision. As a legitimate skin health management routine can assist you with keeping up the shine and recover the great feel of your skin, you should go for such items that are first class. You can discover great basic oil transporter stick and confirmed natural body wash that can assist you with such healthy skin. With regards to basic oils, it can assist your skin with getting the appropriate sustenance that it needs to keep up its shine. As you utilize such an item, you will have the option to hinder the maturing of your skin to a significant degree. Additionally, you should go for such items that are normal as unsafe synthetic substances in skin health management items can create antagonistic consequences for your skin. Hence, it is exceptionally significant that you just go for such items that are made of characteristic and natural fixings, for example, body wash. You can even discover such body wash items that are confirmed for their advantages. These sorts of items are accessible at acceptable rates on the lookout.

As you scan the web for such advantageous items, you will locate some on sites of good organizations. Likewise, you ought to guarantee that you are getting an incentive for the cash that you would pay for such sorts of items. You should focus on the fixings that have been utilized to make the given items. As common fixings convey a lot of advantages, you should search for natural items, for example, body wash that are made of natural fixings. Such an item can be discovered online at much sensible costs. Moreover, you can get great conveyance choices of such items on different sites. As you investigate the rundown of such items, you would have the option to discover even basic oil sticks that can assist your skin with recapturing its oil balance. Without the correct oil balance, your skin would get dry and it will likewise make it age quicker. So it is significant for you to go for such transporter sticks that are of acceptable quality. You should remember all the previously mentioned focuses with regards to picking the correct sort of healthy skin items. In the event that you have any inquiries or questions identified with the sort of items, you can discover the contact subtleties on the site of the supplier. They frequently have a decent client assistance group which can help you in getting the most incentive out of your skin health management venture.

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Home Remedy to Remove Facial Spots 



Facial Spots 
Everyone needs their beauty fair complexion.  There are so many beauty products available in the market that they claim to make you blonde in 7 days or a month.  But do you trust them with your eyes closed?  Some people do not like to empty their pockets on these marketable things and instead replace them with household things.  You will not have to buy any expensive thing to get home remedies.  For this, you have to take care of your face.
To whiten the face, you have to wash the face several times a day, apply a face pack on the face, or massage the face every day with lemon, curd, and papaya, etc. Today we will tell you the remedies which will get rid of all these  Can help and make wrinkled, hanging skin-tight tight.
Today we will tell you how you can remove stains from old and old spots on your face in 7 nights and bring natural beauty.  This remedy is many times more effective than expensive crimes.  This will make the skin of your face 20 years younger, which will also make the face blossom.  So let’s know about this.

Necessary Ingredients Home Remedy to Remove Facial Spots 

 A spoonful of aloe vera
 One spoon beet gel
 Half a teaspoon of olive oil
 A quarter teaspoon turmeric
 Some drops of lemon juice
 Some drop honey
 rose water
Paste preparation method and method of application, First of all, we need a spoon of aloe vera and One spoon of beet gel because it is very effective in enhancing beauty.  You will get this jail from any shop.  Take a bowl and add a spoon of aloe vera and beet gel to it.  Then add half a teaspoon of olive oil.
Olive oil is a very good oil that enhances your skin and reduces stains. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to it.  Turmeric powder acts as an antiseptic for your skin.  It removes acne pimples on the skin.
Now add two to three drops of lemon juice.  Lemon contains abundant vitamin C which is a very good source for your skin.  Lemon lightens your dark spot.  After all, I put three to four drops of honey in it.  Now mix all these things well and now your cream is ready.
 Before applying this cream, wash your face thoroughly with rose water and clean it with cotton wool.  You can also apply this cream to your neck.  Massage this cream with light hands on your face for 2 minutes.
 After applying the cream, leave it overnight and wash your face in the morning with cold water.  Do this process for 7 days and you will get rid of stains and wrinkles completely.  Your skin will become youthful, shiny, and beautiful. 
So by doing this you can get fair skin

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