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We are a full-service, Community Clinic, Offering Comprehensive Medical, Non-medical and Other Therapy services. With Effective Skills and Great Communication With Patients to Realise & Issue Regards Homeo, Skin, Hair, Diet and Other point therapy. We provide innovative, technologically advanced care on a patient-friendly,  just north of Seattle.
"We Want to Cover All Chronic Patients Mainly So, that they Can Live a Better Rest of Their Life and Also is to Raise the Long-term Health Status of our Community by Providing Personalized, Quality Care with Respect"
"Our Main Focus is Towards those Patients Who are Not Cured by Other Therapy and We try to Treat them With Natural Homeopathic Medicines and Acupressure Including Diet Plan"
"Our purpose is to Provide All Possible Treatment to Patients According to our Skill in their Issue"
Out of Surgical Cases, Here Try to Cover Most of Chronic and Skin Cases With Homeopathic
Clinical Cosmetology
Out of Dermatological Diseases, We Deal With the Condition of Skin Who Need Perfect Skin Glow
Clinical Trichology
We Perform All Non-Surgical Tricho Treatment Procedure to Cover Hair Problems
Advance Skin Aesthetics & Laser Treatment
By Minor Laser Procedure Will Cover Skin Issues and Hair Removal
Clinical Diet
Services For Weight Loss or Weight Gain, Disease Diet, Pregnancy Diet, Infertility Diet and Many More
Body Tonning & Sculpturing by Machine
For Stubborn Fat and Cellulite Will Provide Body Tonning machine
Acupressure & Acupuncture
Point and Niddle Therapy For Acidity, Gas, Headache, Joint Pain and Much More
Laboratory & Reports
As Per the Patients Requirement Laboratory & Reports Facilities Available After Make Appointment

Main Specialties

We value our patients

Prof Doctor Mital Kalsariya provides complete medical and other services in both inpatient and outpatient settings, at in several convenient locations i.e U.S.A, U.K, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, China and Many More See all Specialities

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Patient Testimonials

  • Pratik Kaklotar
    Pratik Kaklotar

    Skin Patient

    ″ I had many impressions of pimple on my face and also my face had rough skin. I consulted many skin doctors across a city but didn't find the good result as I want. Then I met Dr. Mital Kalsariya and within 3-4 sitting I got unimaginable results because of all her efforts. I suggest all of you take advice from Dr. Mital Kalsariya for any problem regarding skin. ″
  • Ripple Patel
    Ripple Patel

    Weight Loss Client

    ″ Thank you very much Dr. Mital Ma'am.
    I came in contact with Dr. Mital for wait loss program. As I followed her diet plan and I lost 12 kg in 40 days
    It was a miracle for me!
    And Mital Ma'am is so Polite and Kind person and helpful too! Thank You again Mital Ma'am !! ″
  • Binkal Ghodadra
    Binkal Ghodadra

    Skin Patient

    ″ Dr. Mital Kalsariya is a very knowledgeable, dedicated person. You will be well cared for by her competence. My face has been getting better from the last view months since I visited her. If you have any kind of face problems then you should definitely go to Dr. Mital Kalsariya. ″
  • Megha Hankare
    Megha Hankare

    Skin Patient

    ″ No that's my NOFILTERFACE
    hiii everyone...So I had Uneven Skin tone and dull & Dry skin But fortunately, Dr.Mital Consulted me very well and she started my treatment ...and that's how my face looks now On the other side I was too taking care of my skin as told my dr.mital I drank 4litres of water everyday and basic skin routine Cleansing, toning and moisturizing it maintains your skin. So Thank You Dr.Mital ″
  • Jayesh Motisariya
    Jayesh Motisariya

    Skin Patient

    ″ Hello, I'm very thankful to Dr. Mital Kalsariya she help in my acne pits. She help in wonderfully in removing that pits and also help in glow.
    Thank you so much for your appreciation. ″
  • Jay Ghoghari
    Jay Ghoghari

    Skin Patient

    ″ I am happy for treatment from Dr. Mital Kalsariya, I have a Skin tanning on my forehead,  and pimples on my face, but after 3-4 sitting of treatment my all skin problem are solved, Thank you Dr. Mital Kalsariya ″
  • Chetan Ghoghari
    Chetan Ghoghari

    Weight Loss Client

    ″ Thank You Dr. Mital Kalsariya for helping me in weight loss with lots of food. I'm too much interested in eating different food and Dr. Mital help me to lose 7 kg weight in 45 Days with my favorite food. Thank You for Your effort ″
  • Mukesh Sartanpara
    Mukesh Sartanpara

    Hair Patient

    ″ I have been suffering from hair loss for a long time and I have taken a lot of doctor local as well as foreign for medicine. But it didn't make any difference. Once when I was searching google, the name Dr. Mital Kalsariya came up on google and immediately I made an appointment and today due to her advice and suggestion my hair stopped falling out and at the same time my hair growth is increased ″
  • Nilesh Kalsariya
    Nilesh Kalsariya

    Skin Patient

    ″ For a long time, my face was black but at the time of my marriage, I needed a glove. During this time I consulted many doctors but it didn't make any difference. In the end, I contacted Dr. Mital Ma'am and my face got a lot of glow. I Recommend everyone to visit Dr. Mital Kalsariya for the face problems. Thank you so much for great support Ma'am ″